Draft ’16 Preview

The lead up to this year’s draft has been full of excitement around a bevy of talent, but also has seemed a bit anti-climactic with at least where the Seattle Storm’s #1 pick is concerned, and even with the next two picks as well. Breanna Stewart is the overwhelmingly obvious choice to go first, and her UConn teammates Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck are more than likely going second and third to the Stars and Sun respectively.

Where I honestly see the most potential for a team really winning the draft beyond the Storm selecting Stewart first, is with the Connecticut Sun selecting Tuck third and whoever they do end up picking fourth. With the talent they already have on that team, I have predicted all offseason long that the Sun are going to really contend this year and get into the playoffs.

But this is a deep draft and I see every team in the league finding talent that helps them in the long run, from whoever picks Imani Boyette, to whoever picks Rachel Banham or Adut Bulgak. The scary thing about drafts though, is how they are an absolute gamble. Any one of the highly touted players in this year’s draft, just like any other, could end up being total busts. And there is simply no way of knowing who the busts will be until one or more seasons from now. You also have to take into account the fact that many players, even if they are drafted will not even end up making it on a WNBA roster. It all comes down to proving your value to the team that drafted you. That’s what makes a draft challenging.

But that is also what makes the draft fun and exciting. It’s great to be able to see the players get picked and have the opportunity to showcase their individual talents, as well as seeing how that talent pans out as a season progresses. It’s also exciting to see the surprises and steals of the draft as teams develop talent that was perhaps overlooked in the scouting process. This year’s draft is full of plenty of diverse talent, and the steals and surprises, those hidden gems who end up contributing in the short and long term of their team’s success is sure to be a lot of fun. It’s time for everyone who gets picked to step up and bring everything they’ve got to prove they belong.

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