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The 2018 Guide to WNBA Team Hashtags

A team’s hashtag on twitter should not be difficult to figure out. A fan of the team should be able to see it used often enough by the official Twitter account of a team that it is obvious that that is the hashtag the team has chosen to use throughout the season. You need something fans can remember, but you also need something that makes sense, and isn’t going to be used by a bunch of random people that have nothing to do with your team. With that said, some teams did well with choosing their hashtags for this season, while others didn’t do so hot. Let’s break it down team by team.

Chicgao Sky is #Skytown

This is a good hashtag, that is unique and localised, and is fairly recognisable as it also contains the team’s name. Thumbs up to Chicago!

Indiana Fever is #GoFever

This is simple, to the point, unique to the team, and easy to remember. This should just be the default Indiana Fever hashtag every year. Thumbs up to Indiana!

Las Vegas Aces are #ALLIN

This is an example of where a team tried to use a hashtag that fits the general idea of the team, but is too broad and used too often elsewhere on Twitter to stand out as unique to the team. I have to hope they come up with something more unique next season. Sorry Aces!

Connecticut Sun is #OrangeInvasion (They also are using #GetSun)

The Sun have done the best job of really promoting this hashtag often and in fun ways, going around town and getting the mascot involved with fans around town, and the fans themselves have caught on and are using the hashtag. The Sun win the award for best job promoting a fun, unique hashtag the fans have embraced!

New York Liberty is #ShowUp

At first glance, this is not a great hashtag, as a few other random people are using it, as would be expected. But the Liberty have got a fun feature that when you use #ShowUp, show and up capitalised, a little Statue of Liberty emoticon gets added to the end. That is a smart move and the Liberty get a thumbs up for using the hashtag often so far this season.

Washington Mystics is #SticsSZN

Washington has embraced the awful yet timely SZN Twitter trend, and they are using it fairly often. It is unique to the team, although a bit confusing if you aren’t already familiar with the team name. All in all a pretty good team hashtag for this season.

Phoenix Mercury is #BeHeard

Another example of a hashtag that at first seems to generic to work, but the Mercury have promoted it enough that the word is out and the team account and fans are using it regularly. It is a good, strong message, so the Mercury get a thumbs up!

Seattle Storm is #WeRepSeattle

Unique, local, and something the team and its fans can rally behind. This is an example of a great hashtag! Thumbs up to the Storm!

Los Angeles Sparks is #GoSparks and #All4LA

Like the Fever’s hashtag the #GoSparks is simple and unique, to the point, while the #All4LA is unique, but unless they promote it really well, won’t quite catch on. I think the Sparks did well by seemingly going with more than one hashtag at the beginning of the season.

Dallas Wings is basically #WatchMeWork or #LetsFly

One fan claimed the Wings hashtag for the season is #LetsFly, and Liz Cambage is the only real tweet I can find with the #LetsFly hashtag being used. Dallas’ latest tweets seem to have no real hashtags used, but occasional they do use the WNBA’s hashtag of “WatchMeWork which has evolved into #WatchUsWork. Either way, Dallas should have done better in picking a unique hashtag coming into this exciting new season for the team.

Atlanta Dream is #OneDream

Atlanta has done a good job promoting this hashtag, but so have a lot of other random sports teams on Twitter. If they keep promoting and using it, they will do okay, but something a bit more specific to the team would have been better.

Minnesota Lynx is #GetUp

The Lynx win the award for the most generic hashtag possible. And despite doing a press release telling everyone that this is in fact the hashtag for the Lynx this season, it has not caught on, and is being used by anyone and everyone across twitter, and they are not promoting the Minnesota Lynx when they use it, unfortunately. Despite promoting it well so far, I have to give this hashtag a thumbs down for being too generic and overused.

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The 2018 WNBA Draft Preview

I know that people love mock drafts. I enjoy them as well. But I also think drafts, as far as who gets chosen when, and the career any given draftee may have is often a crapshoot. For any league that holds a draft, we all know about the #1 pick or first round busts and the third or fourth round steals and surprises. The disappointment of fans when a highly successful player out of college or high school never lives up to their first round pick potential is all too real. But so is the player that comes out of the late rounds to eventually become an All-Star or a leader on a championship caliber team. With that in mind, I am not going to tell you who I think gets drafted first or third or 15th in this draft, I am going to tell you I am most excited to see potentially getting drafted and coming into the WNBA.

Victoria Vivians – 6’1″ Guard, Mississippi State

First, I am really excited to see Victoria Vivians in the WNBA. I like her as a shooter, I like her as good sized guard rather than a slightly undersized forward. I like what she can bring as a good rebounder, because she has really improved her rebounding and I think that is something that she can continue to do as the next level. She won’t be leading the league in rebounds, but she won’t be simply a scorer in this league either.

Jordin Canada – 5’6″ Point Guard, UCLA

I want to see Jordin Canada in a WNBA uniform. I want to see her continue to prove how good she can be. Is she short? Yes, but that shouldn’t stop her from being able to be successful as a confident, exciting leader on a WNBA team. She is very good on both ends and I like her odds at the pro level. She is a player that is highly competitive and WANTS to win.

A’Ja Wilson – 6’5″ Center, South Carolina

A’Ja Wilson is one of the seemingly no brainer picks of this draft, and of course is projected by many to go #1. I am most excited for her to be on an WNBA roster because I think she could be like many of the franchise changing players we have seen the last several years. Maya Moore, Tina Charles, Candace Parker, Brittney Griner, and Breanna Stewart are just a few examples of players that we have seen come into the league and make an immediate impact on their respective teams. A’Ja Wilson can do that for the Las Vegas Aces or Indiana Fever.

Maria Vadeeva – 6’3″ Forward, Dynamo Kursk

Maria Vadeeva is an overseas prospect that could be selected in the first round. She has been playing with WNBA talent in the Euro League, and she is going to be boom or bust, in my opinion for whoever drafts her. With her length and determination, as well as her ability to fill up the stat sheet; she could end up like another Russian basketball player you may have heard of named Andrei Kirilenko. I am most intrigued to see if a team does draft her, will she come play in the WNBA?

Wildcards Baby!

I want to end with just a few of the projected late round players who I am most intrigued to see, 1) if they get drafted, 2) if they make a roster and 3) if they have an impact short or long term in the league. First is Katelynn Flaherty of Michigan. She can really shoot, and she won the 3 point contest last week. But is she one dimensional? Can she improve and impress in other areas enough to make it to a team?

Second wild card is Shakayla Thomas from Florida State. Can she improve in other areas besides her scoring to be a WNBA talent? She is 5’11”, so she going to have to work hard if she wants to stay in the paint in the pros. But I like her, she is a tough, versatile player who might just make it.

Lastly is Natalie Butler of George Mason. A transfer from UConn, she is a rebounding machine and I would love to see her come into the league and play a role off the bench for a team that needs size right now. What are the chances she makes it? Odds aren’t great, but that’s why I have her as a wildcard.

Are there plenty of players in this draft who I didn’t mention who could go either way in the WNBA in the coming years? Heck yes. There are too many talented players and not enough roster spots in the WNBA. And I am not only excited about these particular players, I am just really excited to see what this draft class as a whole can do at the professional league level.